GustoInCucina Suomessa

(Biofiltration Nordic Oy)

Distribution of Italian and Greek healthy lifestyle products in Finland and in Baltic countries
Distribution of high-quality Finnish life-style cosmetics and home-cleaning chemical products in Europe

Our company was established in 2014 in Imatra (Finland) as the company distributing products from EU countries to Finland and Baltic countries.

In 2014-2015 the company was engaged in the sale of filters produced in Italy for water and air and was called Biofiltration Nordic Oy. Then we changed the kind of activity and began to distribute products from Italian and Greek producers. So we took additional name GustoInCucina Suomessa.

Several leading Italian and Greek producing firms work with us. 1/2 of the company's shares belong to our Italian partners.


Our company is distributor of Italian food products at Finnish market. In assortment there are olive oil – traditional and flavored; canned food (olives, artichokes, capers, apetizer); wide range of organic fruit juices; luxury wines; traditional and canned cheeses.


As well we distribute high-quality health cosmetics from Greece. Olive oil is useful not only for food and kitchen. Nowadays, cosmetics based on olive oil are very popular. Now we are cooperating not only with manufacturers of olive oil, but also with manufacturers of cosmetics based on olive oil. These are products that can be sold both in cosmetics stores and in cosmetics departments in large supermarkets, as well as in pharmacies.


Our suppliers have well known brands. 


We have a warehouse in Milan and Athens and a permanent supply agreement with a cargo company, shipping our products to our customers.


Now the company’s activities have expanded and we begin to work with the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Poland.


Further expansion of our company’s activities can be marked by the spread of Finnish products to Europe.


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